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Masters Advisor Network targets successful advisors who seek to attain the “next level” of growth. We assist advisors in targeting the proper marketing program that will best suit their skills and experience. Based on an advisor’s production success, they are provided various incentives with leads, bonuses, and opportunities for training in more advanced marketing programs.

Our Mission & Values

Masters’ marketing programs are developed with higher standards than other lead-gen programs. We do not engage in hidden-message advertising or bait-and-switch messaging. The scoring of the Annuity Assessment is real, and if leads score low, we are honest in presenting those facts to them. Suitability reviews with insurance carriers are critical, and we train our advisors to take their clients’ needs seriously.


masters wealth network

In a time when consumers feel they are constantly taken advantage of, our approach is to show integrity across the entire spectrum of a prospect’s interaction the Masters’ team. With value-added marketing, we become an open book to developing stronger prospect and client relationships.


masters wealth network

Trust within the Masters’ organization equates to trust at the prospect and client levels. We never sell based on commissions or bonuses, but rather on what’s best for our clients’ situation. If we focus on caring for our clients at all times, success will ultimately fall into place.


masters wealth network

Much effort goes into selling an annuity. The insurance company spends years developing the product, support staff help run the illustrations, underwriters review and approve the application, and the investment department ensures indexes are performing. The advisor is a small piece of the overall transaction but a very critical step that places money into everyone’s hands.


masters wealth network

Masters Wealth Network strives to grow through the excellent recruiting of the industry’s best advisors. We’re not state-specific and can train and assist advisors in working with clients throughout the country. And only through Integrity, Trust, and Teamwork is that growth possible.

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Working with Masters proprietary marketing systems will elevate your business to a new level. We work with the industry’s leading carriers and provide extensive training in prospect CRM management and sales strategies. After working iwth Masters, you will begin to set other IMO relationships aside.

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