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Measured Success

What is not measured cannot be managed. We utilize specific key performance metrics to manage success of our agents and to determine training and sales assistance needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is training?

To be fully trained requires about 1 week and consists of system set-up, CRM instruction, email & calendar set-up, prospect flow, and client engagement and sales training.


Do you schedule my appointments?

Our staff reaches out to book advisor appointments, but that does not remove the responsibility of advisors reaching out to prospects via text, phone, and email.


How many carriers does Masters have?

We work with the industry’s leading insurance carriers, and have access to nearly all of them. Advisors have the ability to choose for their clients the products best suited for them.


Are incentives offset by lower commssions?

No. We do not offer incentives and cover those costs by reducing advisor commissions. We provide incentives based on production  and strive to help you succeed.


Do I have to move all my contracts to Masters?

Not necessarily. However, any lead generated through Masters must be written through a Masters-affiliated carrier. Additionally, to be eligible for incentives, business must be submitted through Masters.


How large is my territory?

Though we strive to keep leads within a specific region, advisors may be given leads from other areas of the country and we train you to be an expert in online sales through video.

The Masters Team

Versatility, flexibility, and innovation drive the Masters management team to create a more unique model for helping agents reach higher levels of production.

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Dickren Markarian

IMO & Operations Management

With more than 40 years in the insurance industry, Dick has built several highly successful IMOs.

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Charles Bobo

Marketing & Program Development

Developing unique marketing programs to help agents succeed is Charles’ focus.

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John Larsen

Agent Training & Management

Known as a salesman’s salesman, John brings more than 20 years experience in agency team development.

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Zachary Vorwaller

Technology Product Development

Zach is a whiz in leveraging technology to maximize marketing efficiencies to improve advisor performance.

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