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Technology-driven marketing IMO designed to maximize advisor performance and success.

Value-Added Marketing

Through the utilization of technology and value-added marketing, Masters has created a unique process for agents to take their business to the next level. Markets are saturated. Competition is fierce. Prospects are skeptical. Breaking through the noise can only be achieved through strategies designed to develop trust, provide education, improve confidence, and provide solutions that potential clients have a hand in creating.

Retirement Planning Program

annuity universe

The industry’s leading consumer education platform, Annuity Universe, is designed to deliver highly pre-qualified prospects to agents through a custom-scoring annuity assessment and online annuity education courses and videos.

Federal Employee Program

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Federal employees have unique situations and little support from their respective government HR offices. Masters deploys unique strategies to assist these employees as they transition out of the public sector and into the private sector or overall retirement.

Family Legacy Planning

How to properly pass an estate to heirs can be challenging on many levels, and Masters’ has access to non-insurance legacy planning professionals to assist our advisors in developing stable plans for their clients.

Personal & Business Tax Mitigation

Taxes continue to be an ongoing battle at the Federal, state, and even local levels. Masters has several unique programs for maximizing tax savings for clients personally and through their businesses to ensure the money they’ve worked hard to earn remains in their control.

Marketing Systems that Educate, Inform, Empower

Informed consumers are the best prospects because they don’t have to be “sold.” Our marketing and sales systems are designed to inform and educate prospective clients from the first time they encounter a Masters’ advertisement or promotion through their introduction and relationship with the advisor. Additionally, our advisors are highly trained in the most current strategies for identifying opportunities, continuing to educate prospects, and ultimately obtaining the prospects’ trust to become clients.

Why Choose Masters as Your IMO

Unlike IMOs that succeed through high agent numbers with low to medium performance, Masters takes the opposite approach. We’re more of a targeted IMO with access to the same carriers as the larger groups but with a higher per-case premium and more overall volume with fewer agents. It’s a reflection of our culture to invest heavily in each advisor’s success.


Extensive carrier network


Proprietary lead systems


Automated CRM system


Extensive sales training


Production incentives


Case management support

The Power is Greater Than The Sum…

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Strategic Partners

Today’s financial markets, products, and tax laws are forcing the need for more specialists. We bring in the best specialists to empower our advisors to maximize the strategies developed for their clients. Attorneys, CPAs, and Trust advisors are just a few of the professionals on the Masters’ team.

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Agents & Advisors

The heartbeat of success for Masters is the performance of our advisors. We heavily invest in our team and desire to work only with serious full-time professionals who are willing and committed to investing in themselves to build a better future. Incentives and bonuses are available for those individuals.

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Insurance Carriers

Carriers develop products, run actuarial sciences, and ensure the policies and contracts they serve have strong returns and are able to support clients when needed. Masters keeps its finger on the pulse of the best-performing companies and makes these available to its advisor network.

What Others Say…

We developed our marketing systems to provide agents with a higher quality lead. The proprietary assessment system provides leads with a clear custom score as to whether or not an annuity can be helpful to their retirement strategy.

— John Larsen
Co-Founder, Masters Advisor Network

There's nothing hidden from Annuity Universe prospects. They know who you I am, what I do, and what the purpose of our meeting is about. It's the only lead program I write consistent business from.

— Craig V.

There's no bait-and-switch with marketing strategies deployed by Masters. The Annuity Universe program provides a qualified lead that is truly engaged in wanting to know about annuities. My closing ratio is higher.

— Mike O.

Do You Have What it Takes?

Masters is always on the hunt for talented producers who truly look to make a difference in the lives of their clients. We’re not interested in transactional agents, but prefer consultative advisors who are passionate about helping their clients move to a better position in retirement, business, and personal planning. If that’s you, then let’s talk.

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